I always love to get into contact with people. Especially with those hot, those wanting to spend money or those from the industry. Tell me what's cool :-) If you are in the area, let's have a beer!


Mail me@helgehess.eu
AIM/Skype helje5
Jabber helge.hess@googlemail.com

Phone me, chat me, mail me.

Snail Mail

ZeeZide GmbH
Lorenzweg 42
39124 Magdeburg

Well if you want to write me snail mail, feel free to do so. I don't publish my home address, if you need it just ask. Otherwise send it to the ZeeZide address. Postcards are very welcome.


Mail helge@zizeit.de
Networks OpenBC (Xing), LinkedIn

Feel free to approach me with interesting development or consulting projects. You should be able to figure out from this site what I can do and what I like doing. Just drop me a line at helge@zizeit.de, please be specific - no "let's have a phone call".
Feel free to connect with me in OpenBC/Xing or LinkedIn if we do know each other.


Website Community Support

If you have support questions on OpenGroupware.org, please send them to one of the public OGo mailing lists. I do not provide free support to individuals, I do provide it if a larger audience can benefit.