I always love to get into contact with people. Especially with those hot, those wanting to spend money or those from the industry. Tell me what's cool :-) If you are in the area, let's have a beer!


Mail me@helgehess.eu
AIM/Skype helje5
Jabber helge.hess@googlemail.com
GitHub helje5, AlwaysRightInstitute, NozeIO, modswift
DockerHub helje5, nozeio, alwaysrightinstitute, modswift

Phone me, chat me, mail me.

Snail Mail

ZeeZide GmbH
Lorenzweg 42
39124 Magdeburg

Well if you want to write me snail mail, feel free to do so. I don't publish my home address, if you need it just ask. Otherwise send it to the ZeeZide address. Postcards are very welcome.


Mail helge@zizeit.de
Phone+49 391 50549621
Networks OpenBC (Xing), LinkedIn

Feel free to approach me with interesting development or consulting projects. You should be able to figure out from this site what I can do and what I like doing. Just drop me a line at helge@zizeit.de, please be specific - no "let's have a phone call".
Feel free to connect with me in OpenBC/Xing or LinkedIn if we do know each other.


Website Community Support

If you have support questions on OpenGroupware.org, please send them to one of the public OGo mailing lists. I do not provide free support to individuals, I do provide it if a larger audience can benefit.